Hello, my name is David Aguilar, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I spend a lot of my free time on-line, viewing videos, reviews, and news related to technology and video games. People call me a nerd but I wouldn't necessarily take it that far but i do have my moment when I "geek out" on specs or when I see a new way technology has left it's mark.

Technology has change rapidly over the years since computers were only DOS based, when Windows was a brand new way to interact with programs, all the way to having a personal computer in the palm of our hands such as smart phones and tablets. with every new leap in advancement my interest has grown.

With all this technology out there it can be difficult to determine which item to buy, what is the best out of the rest? and the purpose of this site is to provide various types of information that is tech in nature. New, reviews, video pod casts, tips, tricks, and current information regarding these subjects will be uploaded to this site as well as my YouTube channel. My hope is to give people with interests such as mine, a way to find information related to the things mentioned above. With luck my views and thoughts will be helpful to those looking for great products and information.

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